Sunday, July 27, 2014

Giving Back - Donating a % of Sales from Aromatherapy Anywear and Essential Oils by Tabs

People talk about paying it forward and giving back to the community. When Tabs, who is now 11, and I started our company, Aromatherapy Anywear and Essential Oils by Tabs, a few months ago, we agreed to donate a large % of profits to causes in which we believe.

To date, we have donated about 1/3 of our profits to several causes, including Autistic Treatment Center of Dallas, School of the Arts and Cobblestone School, Rochester, NY, Breast Cancer Coalition, Humane Farming of Animals, Mercy for Animals, Friends of Israeli Defense Force, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Friends of Animals, Rochester Area Vegetarian Society, Cancer - Relay for Life, and Kvar Yeladim orphanage in Israel.

People have been kind to us and we feel very fortunate to have what we need.

Thanks for reading. Tabs and Beth

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