Aromatherapy Diffuser Wear Necklaces FAQs

1. Our diffuser necklaces are re-usable and eco-friendly.
We donate 30% of profits to benefit causes in which we value, such as animal welfare, cancer and autism research, peaceful initiatives, education, and fundraisers.

2. Benefits of Diffusing 
The benefits of diffusing essential oils are almost endless. From lifting one’s mood to improved concentration to boosting immunity to purifying, filtering and freshening the air, wearing a diffuser necklace can greatly enhance one’s well-being.

3. How it Diffuses 
Simply dab a drop of oil on the top of the cork diffuser and inhale. The cork is the diffuser. You don’t even need to remove the cork. Scents dabbed on the cork will last for up to a month. Keep dry, clean and out of the sun for longer lasting scents.

4. Removing and Replacing the Cork Diffuser 
To remove the cork to add oil to the pendant itself, gently pry the cork off the pendant. Add oil to the pendant with a dropper. Replace the cork carefully. Do not force it in place. It should fit onto the top of the pendant, such as a wine bottle’s cork. The cork should be secure. Do not puncture the cork. It will not leak, unless punctured. The oil will not spill out, unless the cork is punctured or broken.

5. Cleaning the Diffuser and Pendant to Add Another Scent
Remove the cork carefully. Wash it with water and a drop of eco-friendly (not harsh) dish soap so that it does not crumble or erode. Rinse the inside of the pendant with water and a drop of dish soap or hydrogen peroxide. Let both dry. When dry, you can add another scent.

6. Intended Market
Adults and/or responsible persons ages 12 and up.

7. Delicacy of Handmade Diffuser Necklaces
Please treat with care. These are individually made by hand and the clay is baked on the glass pendant. Humidity, bumping, banging and abusing the pendant may cause the clay to break off.

8. Materials Safety 
All of our necklace pendants are made of glass, most with a clay overlay, and our necklace cords are a hand woven macramé. The handmade necklaces are recyclable and reusable. They adhere to very strict ASTM standards. None of our products are meant to be eaten or disassembled.

9. Adjusting the Length of the Necklace
The necklace adjusts by gently pulling each side of (the 2 white beads over) the slipknots. The necklace adjusts from 16” to 18”. Please do not yank the beads. They are in place to make the slipknot easier to adjust.

10. Shipping and Taxes 
The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and taxes.

11. Product Replacement
If a product should arrive defective, please e-mail us with a picture of the broken item for replacement.

12. Other Uses for the Diffuser Necklace 
The length of the diffuser necklaces adjust. They can be hung on a door handle, rear view mirror of a vehicle, holiday tree/branch, etc.

Other Questions – e-mail us or text/call us at 585-230-7604.

Thanks, Tabs and Beth
Grassroots, Handmade, USA, Eco-friendly – Aromatherapy Diffuser Wear



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