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My daughter, Tabetha (Tabs) and I (Beth) began creating our aromatherapy essential oil diffuser jewelry in January of 2014.

I had been a user of essential oils since 2009. I was using essential oils topically, but really wanted to find a way to use them aromatically whenever I felt the need and wherever I was. Carrying a bottle of essential oils around with me wasn’t the answer.

We attended Vegetarian Summerfest in July 2013 in Johnstown, PA, and Tabs was given a glass pendant on a necklace cord and told to put fairy dust in it. I looked at Tabs and said, Hey, let’s put essential oils in this.
So, we did.

We started with lavender and by February 2014, we were in business selling locally (Rochester, NY), expanding across the country by March. We sourced several different designs and really preferred a glass pendant with a cork top acting as the diffuser.

Starting our business allowed Tabs to use her creativity while learning about business, money, etc.

In May of 2014, we decided to make our own designs – to differentiate. Being animal lovers, we started with a paw print, then peace signs, stars of David, etc. In June, we were asked to make the autism puzzle piece for a large autism fundraising event in Texas.

By September, we started designing necklaces with a purpose - the Runner Girl Collection, Paws 4 Peace, Strawberry and Breast Cancer Ribbon were born, along with a large array of other styles to suit peoples’ tastes and interests.

In November, we began changing our name and brand to Aromatherapy Diffuser Wear (from Aromatherapy Anywear and Essential Oils by Tabs). 

About Tabs:
  • Tabs is in the 6th grade. She loves to play, design, and expand her mind. She enjoys reading, racing (tri, du, runs), and loves to sing, act and eat raw chocolate and fudge (ask me for the recipes). She adores animals, playing on her tablet, creating and traveling.
About Me (Beth):
  • I run and bike, love animals, rock music, travel, languages, experimenting with new recipes (plant based and raw) and enjoy time with my husband, Tabs and our animal companions. I am not as manually creative as is Tabs, so I handle sales and marketing.
About Us:
  • We donate more than 1/3% of profits to animal causes, education, Autism, local fundraisers, peaceful initiatives, IDF, Cancer – Relay for Life and other causes.
  • We customize logos and other designs for specialty orders, such as our Autism Puzzle Pieces, Runner Girl Collection and Breast Cancer Ribbons.
  • We are a female owned, grassroots, co-operative entrepreneurial partnership.
  • We hope to expand even further with our new completely handmade designs – reaching new and niche markets.
  • We are small, so delivering excellent customer service and maintaining great client relations is important to us.
Thanks for supporting USA eco-friendly, grassroots products and young entrepreneurs!
Tel: 585-230-7604
E-mail: aromatherapydiffuserwear@gmail.com

Se Habla Español.

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