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Aromatherapy Pendant Diffusers Benefit Breast Cancer Patients

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We are copying our blog post from Breast Cancer Yoga Authority. It was featured September 23, 2014 and we wanted to share it with you here. Please feel free to pass on and view Breast Cancer Yoga Authority's website for more information on who they are, how they help breast cancer patients, survivors, etc. Thanks for reading !
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Aromatherapy Pendant Diffusers Benefit Breast Cancer Patients

By: Beth Garver Beha Co – Founder Aromatherapy AnyWear By Tabs.
Aromatherapy pendant diffuser necklaces are worn by men and women to feel happier and healthier, especially when conflicted with emotional and physical stress and anxiety. These make great holiday gifts! Consider a Breast Cancer Ribbon pendant for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
As an alternative and complementary therapy, people with cancer and other ailments benefit greatly from aromatherapy scents that smell good to them. An aromatherapy pendant diffuser necklace worn around the neck with a favorite scent in it can be very cheering and relaxing.
Specific scents from pure essential oils which may benefit breast cancer patients as aromatherapy include Frankincense and citrus oils, such as Lime, Lemon, Tangerine, Orange, Grapefruit. These scents work best when estrogen receptors are negative.
With breast cancer patients, diffusing Frankincense may help to relieve anxiety, while citrus oils may be more balancing. Inhaling the scent of Lavender may also relieve anxiety and insomnia, but only when estrogen receptors are negative.
For nausea, citrus and flower scents may be too strong, whereas Peppermint has shown to calm nausea in some breast cancer patients. Not everyone responds the same to a scent. Smell therapy is very personal and subjective, so whether a cancer patient or not, avoid scents you know are not pleasing to you. Stick with the ones that make you feel better.
To enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils in your diffuser pendant necklace, simply remove the diffuser cork, add the scent to the pendant, dab some on the diffuser cork, gently pop the diffuser cork back on the pendant and wear the necklace around your neck. Some people even use the diffuser pendant necklaces as car diffuser (around the rear view mirror).
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Note: In a 2003 Brigham Young study on the benefits of essential oils on cancer cell reduction, several essential oils, such as Clove, Myrtle and Sandalwood, were encouraging when used topically with cancer patients.

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  1. Wow! I had no idea that aromatherapy is so helpful! I never really thought that it would work. My sister has started doing aromatherapy, and she loves it. She says it has made a positive difference in her life.