Monday, November 24, 2014

How to Quell Pain from Arthritis with Essential Oils - easy recipe

My friend's husband is on his second hip replacement and 6th surgery in 14 years (knees have been done too). He has severe osteoarthritis in his hip - bone on bone with no cartillage. He can barely move.

Here was an extremely active guy in his younger years - a runner, hiker, traveler, DIY everything type of guy. Now, he is anxiously awaiting January for his next surgery.

So, I looked up in my aromatherapy and essential oils resource books (bibles for me) some different oils and techniques to alievate the pain.

We came up with a 2 ml vial of essential oils of Rosemary, Ginger, Camphor, and Lavender. I suggested her husband take a bath with 2 cups of epsom salt with some sea or himalyan salt and 10-12 drops from the vial.

The results were stunning. The relaxing bath and choice of oils contributed to a succesful experience.

Recipe for Arthritis Quelling Bath

You'll need:
2 cups Epsom Salt
1-2 Tbs Sea or Himalyan Salt
4 drops Rosemary essential oil
4 drops Ginger essential oil
2 drops Camphor essential oil
2 drops Lavender essential oil
Optional: 1-2 Tbs Baking Soda

Fill the bath with hot water that you can endure.
Add salts to bath water as the faucet is running water.
Add oils prior to filling tub.
Relax for 15-20 minutes.

Voila !

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