Thursday, May 1, 2014

Can Aromatherapy from the Scent of Certain Essential Oils Influence Your Buying and Eating Habits ?

There have been studies on essential oils that are diffused in say - a mall or restaurant - that affect peoples' buying and ordering habits. Specific odors/smells trigger messages to the brain which may influence behaviors.

Studies with animals, elders, children, etc have been conducted where certain oils diffused in the air or inhaled directly influence their behaviors, moods and habits in ways unexpected. 

Essential oils used for aromatherapy create memories for many people, as well. 

Remember those cookies your mom/grandma/dad/grandad used to bake when you were little ? Can you smell the scent from them baking in the oven ?

I read through several studies, which you can access here.

What scents trigger you to change/alter your mood ?

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