Friday, March 21, 2014

Story: Where did Aromatherapy and Essential Oils by Tabs come from ?

Many people ask my daughter - how and why did you start making Aromatherapy and Essential Oils jewelry?

Here is Tabs story:
In 2013, at Veg SummerFest, a vendor gave me a small glass bottle to wear on a necklace string. She told me to put fairy dust in it. Instead, I and my Mom put essential oils in it (to experiment use for aromatherapy). They smelled good and certain scents had different effects. Loving the results and the scents, we started designing, customizing and selling aromatherapy pendant jewelry to people wanting a healthier, happier and healing quality of life without medicines.

More about Tabs:
Tabetha is a 10 year old entrepreneur and co-founder of "Aromatherapy and Essential Oils by Tabs". Tabs creates essential oil pendant necklaces and jewelry to be used for aromatherapy, a globally known alternative medicine that uses the scents of pure essential oils to improve a person's condition, health or mood. Tabetha’s Mom (Beth) started experimenting with essential oils in 2009 for general well-being. 

Tabs features her pendants on her website - and on Facebook - essential oils by tabs. Tabs has been featured on YNN Cable’s R News – Business Now as a Young Entrepreneur and on WHAM/Fox News’ Morning Show as the Youngest Entrepreneur ever interviewed.

In her free time, Tabs likes to ice skate, compete in runs, duathlons and triathlons, read, listen to music, play and create.

Tabs is excited about learning, experimenting, growing her business, helping people and having fun.

Currently, Tabs goes to Cobblestone School, an experiential learning day school, in Rochester, NY.

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