Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cedarwood Essential Oil for Sleep

Many people I know not only have insomnia or sleep issues, but they wake often and cannot get back to sleep. I am one of those who wakes up frequently and after the second or third time, getting back to sleep is a challenge.

I have asked around and was told to try Cedarwood essential oil in the middle of the night to help me get back to sleep. I was told to put a drop on the fatty part of my big toe - opposite the toe nail.

I experimented with the Cedarwood the night before last and found it worked - as recommended. However, I noted that when I applied it the third and fourth time to help me get back to sleep, it was not as successful. Too much of anything - even an essential oil - may be too much of a burden to the body.

I recommend one drop of Cedarwood to the fatty part - near the top - of the big toe - opposite the toe nail one time during the night to help get back to sleep.

Why Cedarwood ? It is supposed to help release Melatonin - which is a natural sleep hormone.

Note: I have heard others say that diffusing Cedarwood prior to bedtime works to nurture sleep, as well.

Good luck and good night. Sleep well.

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