Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nasty cold got you down ? How about some essential oils' aromatherapy to perk you up ?

So, the weather throughout the US has been volatile and with volatility, comes colds, respiratory infections and immune system breakdown.
Having used eucalyptus essential oil myself for years as an inhalant under my nose (inhale through each nostril) for when my immune system weakens and sniffles set in, I swear by it.
Eucalyptus essential oil as aromatherapy, while helpful, alone cannot be counted on to cure the common cold or any other virus affecting the respiratory tract.
Thieves Essential Oil Blend is a great immune builder and infection fighter. Try a little in a carrier oil on the bottom of your feet before bedtime.
Maintaining a healthy (plant based, with raw living foods) diet, sleep, and reducing stress and anxiety will help to heal most ills - particularly viruses, such as the common cold, respiratory infections, etc.
Try it and let me know if it helps.
Good luck !

aromatherapy and essential oils by tabs co-founder/entrepreneur

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