Saturday, February 8, 2014

Essential Oils for healing, reducing aging skin, weight loss and healing while soaking in the bathtub

Many essential oils are touted for healing and for weight loss just from soaking in them in a tub of warm water.

Last month, Dr. Oz on the Dr. Oz Show featured a blend of epsom salt in the bathtub that can be combined with lavender essential oil for weight loss, reducing aging skin and relaxation. Other essential oils are known for their healing and weight loss powers as well, particularly from soaking in them in a warm tub of water.

Interested in buying a vial of Essential Oils known for healing, weight loss, reducing aging skin and/or relaxation for your tub soak ?

Let us know. We offer 1 ml and 2 ml vials of Essential Oils in single oils and blends which University and Scientific research at the University of Maryland Medical Center, among other studies, has shown to enhance weight loss, reduce aging skin and induce healing and relaxation.

Enjoy the soak !

Always, Beth

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